Saturday, March 8, 2008


here are some links to people who have done diy ferrofluids$!/

our interest in this arises through the possibility of interactivity based around manipulating fluids - ferrofluids which can be shaped using electro-magnets could partake in a kind of closed loop system where they could be (crudely expressed for the moment) both an input and an output


cyberviking said...

The Makezine article is great.
With magnetic fluids, we can detect a number of things:
1. Change in current
2. Change in shape
IMHO, it might be the ultimate 3D, continuous controller interface. We might need to wear latex gloves though...

cyberviking said...

Good news. Create Digital Music have nothing on ferro or magnetic fluids

cyberviking said...

This VIDEO really lends itself towards wavetable synthesis! Just imagine what one could do with:

- a few electromagnets
- a few web cams
- and either pd pr Max