Wednesday, March 12, 2008


nora's post in a comment to an earlier message ( reminded me of a performance i saw at nime in paris 2006 of the reactable (there's lots of youtube links to this)

these tables have a certain kind of interactivity which i think it would be nice to contrast with - they lend themselves to a slow paced kind of gesture (the frame rates involved in camera tracking is one constraint on this) and to activities which i would characterise as 'supervisory' (there's lots algorithmic stuff going on which the gestures and their effects on mediating interface widgets pass parameter values to) - this makes for pieces which are 'builders' - you start off small and get big (this helps the audience work out relationships too... the video nora found was a little hard to work out what the interactional effects were as it started in the midst of things...) - and you do not often do anything sudden and dramatic

it'd be nice to break that mould

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cyberviking said...

I agree. Cam-based interaction is slooooow. Some people think that this is the way contemporary electroacoustic music should be, but it's the problem with teh speed of the cams and algorithms. There are other and better cameras though.... With a frame rate of about 100Hz, things work better.