Friday, March 7, 2008

some initial vibes

after JB and MF talking about creative work over the next 10 months, the following issues surfaced:
- things that make sound
- performance
- systems with real physical feedback, possibility for humans to PLAY on that loop
- multichannel audio (KH!)
- continuous gesture
- magnetic fluids

JB kindly pointed me to the ref


John Bowers said...

We also discussed some possibilities for using multitouch or phicon-based interaction surfaces for mixing and diffusing multiple sound sources to multiple speakers. This could build on Nora's work and also some stuff I was involved in years ago which involved using an interactive table to move virtual sound sources and virtual microphones and then projecting the mix onto a bunch of loudspeakers.

You can find something about this here:
and here: (link to a pdf at the bottom).

cyberviking said...

yes, the eRena table is a good example of virtual mics.

nora said...

you might like this then: