Wednesday, March 12, 2008

synthesis methods

in one of his comments to the ferrofluids message below the man known as cyberviking remarks that video images of such a thing could be used for wavetable synthesis - this is how i make sound from my little dreamachine - frames from a webcam are scanned with the grey values of a given pixel giving you a wavetable value - i have experimented with a number of methods along these lines - i prefer changes in the image yielding spectral changes rather than something as gross as pitch as that tends to end up pretty cheesy (another video theremin anyone?)

i thought i'd start off a thread here - anybody have any further interesting ideas for using an actual physical volume or surface as a means for controlling/shaping sound synthesis?


cyberviking said...

well, it depends on how you map the scanning of the cam era image to wave table... If the full video frame is T, then the pitch is constant and we're manipulating timbre. If the first delta (!=0) and last delta in the image defines T, then we get variable pitch, as well.
Yet another video clip to look at is: Squiggle, where we used a ShapeTape to control the wave table....

cyberviking said...

yet another approach to physicality is to consider what we did in SOb/SHAPE... The Vodhran enabled us to do pretty crazy things. Using the metaphor of a Bodhran, the Vodhran could be made LARGER or smaller than life, while still playable. The important thing at the end of the day was that the expressive behaviour (gesture) was credible.